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Top 3 Things to Share via Twitter Moments

Take advantage of Twitter’s sharing tool.

You’ve probably seen them before – curated lists of tweets all conveniently covering the same topic. Twitter Moments have been around since October 2016 and are starting to pick up steam. How can your company take advantage?

1. Highlight an event

Moments are the perfect opportunity to highlight an event your company participated in – live or digital. Have you been to a trade show recently? Create a Moment by pulling together posts from your customers, booth visitors, thought leaders and show management. Have you recently hosted or participated in a Twitter Chat or webinar? Share the questions, answers and interesting feedback you received in a Twitter Moment (like this one!).

2. Keep your content organized

Group relevant marketing or PR content together as a Twitter Moment for simple sharing. Launching a new product complete with a video, brochure, press release and white paper? Collect all your posts on the topic and save them as a Moment to keep the content together, and share it with your team to use as a sales or marketing tool. Consider using customer posts as well to round out your content. For instance, have you received any Twitter feedback or questions on the new product? Add it to your moment!

3. Collect and share tweets on the hot topic of the day

Something in the news catch your eye? Curate a list of interesting points from industry influencers on Twitter. Seeing lots of photos of dogs in bags on the NYC subway? Give them all a home under one Twitter Moment.

Need help compiling your Twitter Moment? Contact our social media pros to build your sharable story!


Bernadette Miller

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