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Take a Deep Dive into the Kyle Petty Charity Ride

Get a glimpse of what the Ride is all about by watching NBC Sports’ documentary that showcases heartfelt stories from the road.

From the outside looking in, it’s easy to see that the Kyle Petty Charity Ride Across America is a popular organization that raises money for Victory Junction – a camp for children with chronic and life-threatening illnesses. But those who have experienced the Ride first-hand – whether it’s been as a rider, a sponsor, a fan or a beneficiary – know that it’s more than just an annual fundraiser. It’s a family.

We were once on the outside looking in, but have been blessed to take part in the yearly, cross-country journey for the past two years providing media relations and social media support. Prior to making the first trip, we spent several months executing routine PR work for the Ride: campaign planning, social media content development, media list building, press release distribution and interview coordination. We knew the facts and could talk numbers on money raised, kids sent to camp, etc., but it wasn’t until we saw the Ride in action that we understood its true impact. Seeing the camaraderie and passion shared by the riders changed our perspective. Now, in our second year, we are officially part of the family and understand that the Ride is so much more than talking facts and numbers.

People from across the country, many from different walks of life, all come together for one cause. Some have been doing it for more than 20 years, while others consider it an item to knock off their bucket list. Whether you’re a veteran rider or a first-timer, you’re treated like family the instant you arrive. And just like most families, the Ride has stories—many, many stories—about why we ride.

To share these stories with the world, NBC Sports joined us for the 23rd Anniversary Ride in May 2017 to film a documentary, chronicling the Ride’s journey to raise funds and awareness for Victory Junction. The cameras followed the Ride from Portland, Oregon, to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, collecting footage from the road.

For us, it was incredible to watch the NBC Sports team in action. From sit-down interviews with riders and commentary from Kyle Petty given while on his motorcycle, to capturing fan support and seeing the smiles on campers’ faces, we witnessed all the behind-the-scenes work put in to make this documentary. In the end, it was rewarding to see how everything came to fruition in the final produced program. NBC Sports pieced together an eye-opening and heartwarming documentary. And, while watching it live, it had our Hope Pittard and Ginny Talley texting back and forth, sharing their own Ride memories and many emojis to depict all the feels. 😂❤️😭❤️😍

We encourage you to watch the documentary to hear stories from riders and campers and their families and to truly understand why this Ride is so special to so many. You can watch “Ride to Victory: The Stories of the Kyle Petty Charity Ride” on the following dates and times:

  • Monday, July 17 at 6 p.m. ET on NBCSN
  • Thursday, July 27 at 6 p.m. ET on NBCSN
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