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Spring Cleaning Tips for a Productive Q2

Make room for new business by cleaning up and cleaning out.

If a tidy desk makes a tidy mind, then a tidy inbox should bring true inner peace. Now is a great time to spring clean your office and double check that all current initiatives are serving you and your company. By cleaning up and cleaning out your physical space and tech presence, auditing your public persona and rethinking your goals, you can ready yourself, your team and your company for growth this spring.


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If you’re a hoarder, read this slowly and take notes: Everything is online, you can get rid of the junk in your desk.

That might be hard to hear, but thoroughly cleaning out your desk, or if you’re feeling daring, your entire office, can be liberating and frees up physical and mental room for new initiatives and projects. Recycle and shred any files that don’t help you do your job. Scan anything that could come in handy in the future and save it to the shared drive or a thumb drive for easy access.

While you’re at it, clean out and organize your email inbox. Make a folder and select a color for different initiatives. Sort everything except emails that include action items that are still on your to-do list. File them away when the tasks are completely finished. Categorize emails and meetings with the colors, so it’s easy to tell what you need to focus on at the beginning of each day. This is also a great time to “empty” your digital trash and organize digital folders. Archive any old projects into a single folder out of the way, allowing you to focus on current assignments, but keeping the files on hand if necessary.

2. Double Check BRAND ASSETS

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While you’re cleaning out your email, hop on over to your company website. Does it say what you want your company to say to potential customers or partners? If the answer is anything but yes, it’s probably time to update it. Be sure that all the pages accurately represent where your company is now and all the products or services you offer. Also keep in mind that social media presence is one of the first ways potential new customers will interact with your business when researching your company. Double check that those platforms haven’t fallen behind. Having a consistent social presence, even if you don’t post every day, establishes your brand as engaged and can make you stand out from competitors.


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Now that you have cleaned up and cleaned out your physical, technological and mental office spaces and made sure that all your projected messaging is showcasing your company in its best light, reconsider your goals. Are they big enough? Are they stretching you in a direction that is achievable and sustainable? Are they still what you want for your career or company? If you’re not sure, make a list of what success looks like and work backwards. Adding a timetable to measure against can help you kick start the smaller goals but leave loftier ones up there without a date attached to remind you of the big picture.

While we can’t help you clean up your desk or unsubscribe from emails, we do know a thing or two about reaching targeted audiences, maintaining a consistent and strategic social presence, coordinating effective media strategies and earning brand recognition. If any of those things made their way onto your goals list, contact us today.


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