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Social Approach and the Rise of MoonPie

How taking a non-traditional approach can land astronomical engagement

I don’t remember the last time I had a MoonPie. In fact, it’s very possible that I’ve never had one. But for the past four months, I’ve been following their official Twitter account and if I soon find myself feeling adventurous in a snack aisle, I’ll probably be willing to give them a try.

The 100-year-old snack has long been a staple in convenience stores across the country, but has gained increased street cred in recent months due to its social presence. MoonPie is one of many brands to revamp their social media strategy by hiring a creative agency and taking an edgier approach to their messaging. Brands that have adopted this strategy often tip-toe the line of being bold and reckless, and MoonPie has managed to stay on the right side of that border, becoming one of the most entertaining Twitter follows in the process. Their bizarre, engaging content even created enough buzz to be named Forbes top social media brand of 2017. Here are a few reasons MoonPie has eclipsed other brands on Twitter.

1. They're relatable 

Consumers are smart. As a brand, if you try too hard to relate to your audience, it’ll be noticeable. If you lack creativity, you’ll get lost in the noise. MoonPie has found its voice as a care-free, witty and, at times, ruthless roaster of the most daring challengers. It’s almost as if the account is run by a millennial with a derailed train of thought and no regard for punctuation or grammar – something that would normally drive PR folks up the wall. But it works.

One thing you’ll also notice scrolling down MoonPie’s timeline is the lack of “salesy” posts. While publishing promotional offers on social is useful for many consumer brands, it’s not always necessary to drive sales and should only be a part of an overall content strategy. MoonPie has created enough of a social presence that it can rely solely on their conversational, non-promotional content to build brand awareness. This authenticity has resonated well with its followers.


Wendy’s was one of the pioneers for brands interacting directly with Twitter users, holding conversations and responding to some of the most ridiculous questions thrown their way. One interaction with a hungry high schooler resulted in the most retweeted tweet of all time, creating endless PR opportunities for the fast food chain.

MoonPie has also adopted this approach, interacting with Twitter users that often are only looking for a response. This is a dangerous game to play with accounts that have built a reputation for clever and relentless comebacks. Take Kaela, for example, who had to know what she was getting into.

Then there’s this user, who actually deleted his tweet when MoonPie shattered his universe. But as we all know, the internet never forgets.

MoonPie - Saturday Night







The ability to react in real time when an engagement opportunity presents itself is what makes the good brands great on social. These opportunities won’t always come with advanced warning, so when they appear, it’s important to be timely in crafting a response or the moment will pass.

Some of Twitter’s greatest moments have come from major brands recognizing opportunities and taking friendly shots at their competitors. Wendy’s again broke the internet this past Black Friday when it started beef with its biggest competitor for publishing what was obviously an incomplete tweet. 

MoonPie has also demonstrated great awareness of its competitors’ content, evident by this timely two-word response to a Hostess Snacks tweet during last year’s Solar Eclipse – clearly MoonPie territory.

This sarcastic response is MoonPie’s most successful tweet to-date, amassing more than a half-million likes and garnering additional attention from online media.


Like any successful campaign, MoonPie’s social media strategy began with a plan. In an interview with Forbes, The Tombras Group – the Tennessee-based creative agency behind MoonPie’s “Outta this World” campaign – discusses the time and preparation it took to create the brand voice, then bring it to life through their content. With a plan in place, they were able to take the traditional brand and reach a new generation of snackers – like myself – who otherwise would not have considered the marshmallow sandwich when navigating the snack aisle.

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