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Kick Your Assets into Gear

How to organize media assets before your next campaign.

So you’re ready to move forward with a media announcement. Whether you are sharing a new product rollout, exclusive partnership or upcoming event, news statements aren’t just about the when, they are also about the how. Preparing your media assets ahead of the go-live date will help tell your story and work as reporter’s best resources. So how do you prepare?  

1. write a press release

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Are you a new brand launching in the marketplace? Do you have a story with multiple layers? There is no one better to explain your narrative than you! Not only is a press release an invaluable resource for journalists to pull information, but it also helps establish key messaging points early on so you can stay on brand and communicate with clarity as the business grows. The release, which should be sent directly to reporters, should also have a permanent home on the website for anyone looking to learn more down the road. Consider creating a press or media tab on the site for easy navigation. You may just find other resources fitting nicely into this section.

2. compile background materials

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The human eye naturally gravitates towards imagery. More than likely, you already have many items satisfying this element, but push yourself to continually add and remove from the pile. While logos stand the test of time, re-evaluate if photos from more than a year ago still represent your brand appropriately. Headshots, headquarters images, company backgrounder or fact sheet are all great additions to this folder. Whatever makes the final cut, make sure they all follow your brand standards, which can include color, font, templates and more for a professional polish.

3. create campaign-specific and dynamic assets.

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With your background materials in place, it’s time to focus on elements that will make your upcoming announcement pop. Get creative with these assets to stand out in a crowded news cycle. Consider video if you have grabbing visuals, an infographic if the data is fact/information-based or a media drop if there are physical elements that can add dimension and convey your story better than just words. Also include any marketing materials already in development.

4. identify spokespeople

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Media often prefer to add more personalized touches and the more you have to offer, the more in-depth the story can be. Determining consistent, go-to interviewees within the leadership of your organization not only saves time, but also allows representatives to gain experience in front of the media to knock each interview out of the park. For partnerships or announcements involving other parties, distinguish who can share a third-party perspective and request permission before offering them up for interviews so they are confident and ready on stand-by.

Classic spring cleaning may only come once a year, but media cleaning should come as often as you need. So what are you waiting for? Go kick your assets into gear or reach out to get started!


Jen Caro

Posted By Jen Caro

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