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Well, that was a freebie.
  • Businesses invest in public relations for a variety of reasons, including social communications, brand activation, media relations and issues management. When it comes to issues management, perhaps no family’s business needed to mitigate damage to their reputation like Arrested Development’s Bluth family.

    With the recent announcement that Arrested Development is returning for its fifth season, here are five lessons PR pros can learn from the hit show:

    1.  Develop content. One trend the industry has seen in recent years is the need for increased content. In a world where consumers wake up in the morning and immediately check their phones, businesses are producing more consumer-facing content to build brand recognition and establish credibility with their audiences. Bob Loblaw, one of the Bluth family lawyers, understands the importance of maintaining a steady stream of content on his blog, the Bob Loblaw Law Blog, to keep current and prospective clients in the know.

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    (Photo by FOX)
  • 2.  Choose your words carefully. The content you provide to consumers is only as good as your messaging. Every brand has a story, and it’s important to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. Aspiring actor Tobias Funke is a perfect example of someone who is constantly misunderstood due to his trouble with word choice and delivery.

Tobias Funke.jpg

(Photo by FOX)

Then, of course, there’s the literal doctor, who is never clear when he delivers news. 

Literal Doctor.jpg

(Photo by FOX)

3.  Make sure clients are media trained. Before stepping in front of a camera, it’s critical the interviewee has been properly trained and briefed with approved messaging. Whether it’s a television interview or a press conference, take the time to talk through the opportunity details and practice speaking key messages with your client.

The last thing you want to do is handle an interview like G.O.B. Bluth, who was being questioned for the disappearance of a senior citizen he had “lost” while performing an illusion (not a magic trick).

GOB Bluth.jpg

(Photo by FOX)

4.  It’s all right to not know the answer. When responding to media inquiries, silence isn’t always negative. As PR pros, there are times when we don’t have an immediate response. In these scenarios, if you plan to respond, it’s best to wait until you have all of the information necessary to craft a message before moving forward with a statement.

Lucille Bluth could’ve used a more respectful tone, but she had the right idea.

Lucile Bluth.jpg

(Photo by FOX)

5.  Keep up with trends. With the evolution of social media, trends can come and go in a matter of minutes. The brands that make the biggest impact on their audience are the ones that respond in real time with creative, engaging content. If you wait too long, your voice will be lost in the crowd of other brands that were late to the party.

It’s safe to say Lindsay Bluth and her former classmate Roger Danish have had trouble staying with the times since graduating high school.

Lindsay Bluth.jpg

(Photo by FOX)

Aside from learning the Korean word for “hello” and that there’s always money in the banana stand, if you look closely, there are some valuable takeaways from one of television’s most dysfunctional families. And if you’re having trouble seeing the connection, you’ll at least have a few good laughs. 

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