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Extra points: finding value in the small things

What your PR firm should be doing to make a difference.

The NFL shook things up in 2015 by changing an aspect of the game that’s historically been a non-factor: the extra point. Now backed up to the 15-yard line, a conversion that was once a “gimme” is now much less trivial and has proven to be the deciding factor in several big games since the rule change.

You can argue whether kickers are “real” football players all you want, but there’s no denying the value of extra points. Sure, they’re only worth a single point, but when the competition doesn’t convert, that one point can be the difference.

For PR pros, these extra points come in many forms. They’re the small things we do that tack onto larger elements of PR campaigns, but are vital nonetheless. But poor practices or a lapse in focus can result in missed conversions. Here are the extra points your PR firm should be doing to make a difference.

Read industry news

Simply put, if your agency isn’t up-to-date with what’s going on in your industry, your brand is not likely to stand out. One of the best ways to keep up with industry happenings is actively reading the news. Subscribe to eNewsletters, keep physical copies of trade magazines on coffee tables in your office, or try dedicating 10 minutes of your lunch hour each day to online reading. Staying on top of industry trends and competitor activity will go a long way in establishing a client’s value proposition.

Industry News

Pulse pitch reporters

Reading industry news can also create opportunities to insert a client’s voice. If a target media outlet runs a story that fits a client’s narrative, contact the reporter and offer a fresh perspective. If there’s not an opportunity to add to the existing story, reaching out can help build relationships with reporters that may lead to opportunities down the road. Downloading and monitoring editorial calendars can also provide opportunities to contribute content that aligns with the media’s agenda.

Pulse Pitch

Monitor social activity

A brand might be able to get by with scheduling a month’s worth of social media content and letting it run, but it will miss opportunities to interact with users and elevate its presence. Keep an eye on posts as they publish, monitoring engagement and looking for opportunities to interact with your audience. Whether it’s retweeting a story or responding to an inquiry on Facebook, the most responsive brands tend to be the most successful.

Social Media


There’s a lot that goes into planning and executing creative campaigns. With so much to do, the flashier action items often get the most attention, but the little things are still worth the effort. After all, sometimes the kickers are the heroes and that one extra point makes all the difference. Contact us to learn more about the extra points that set a PR program apart.

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