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Does Your Content Speak To Stakeholders?

Consider all  audiences to avoid leaving time and money on the table.

While aware of the important role that storytelling plays in appealing to target audiences, companies may still be leaving opportunities on the table when they produce storytelling content without thinking through all its audiences. Many businesses have a strong arsenal of content – the result of years spent seeking out successes, capturing customers’ voices, creating social media posts and more.

For every piece of content produced, it’s important to consider every audience that might be interested – and what the best format is to reach them. As the desire and demand for content continues to grow, leaving opportunity on the table can mean wasted time and money.

So, how can you identify ways to re-purpose content that’s already being produced to reach a variety of target audiences for use across paid, earned, shared and owned channels? We recommend starting with the three steps below.

step 1: take inventory

For starters, pick the campaign most impactful for your business or organization and start thinking about your wish list.

Note what you are already responsible for, what type of media you’re driving forward, and then highlight the areas where you’re looking for alignment and support, areas that could really boost the success of your efforts.

Inventory giphy

Step 2: identify opportunities 

Once you have an overview of the content you already have in the queue, identify who each piece will speak to. If there is a specific group of stakeholders missing, conduct a quick brainstorm with your team to determine creative ways to re-purpose this content piece to reach that missing audience in an authentic way.

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Step 3: make a plan

Use the elements in your toolkit to determine what’s of interest to other stakeholders and determine the best course of action.

For example, if you have a case study outlining a customer success story, this tool is not only useful for your internal sales team, but can be repurposed to share with industry media contacts and social media promotion.

Pull in necessary outside teams – or identify internal skills to help fill in any gaps. Consider making this step another checkbox for all content developed moving forward.

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Not only will streamlining your content development process allow you to become more effective because you are now reaching across audiences, but re-purposing collateral will increase efficiencies and free up more of your time to keep cranking out great content.

To learn more about how we can elevate your next campaign from good to great, contact us today.

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