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5 Tools To Make You a Better Content Creator

It happens to everyone. You make your way through your to-do list one day at a time and all of a sudden you realize the content you’re producing feels kind of ‘blah’. Whether you need to get focused, get creative or get to the point, these sites can fix your content problems. And the best part? They’re all free.

1. Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway was the king of conciseness. You can be, too. Simply input your text into Hemingway and it will show you extraneous text and tell you the level of readability of your text. Cater your level of readability to your message and remember that general outlets with wide readership should be easier to read than trade publications, where industry vernacular will be more easily understood.


Graphics have never been simpler. This site has hundreds of free templates that allow users to create beautiful graphics without a background in graphic design. The site allows you to save brand colors and fonts, as well as upload photos and logos, so your content comes out beautifully and uniquely yours.


This amazing app will find every grammatical mistake you make, saving you from emailing your co-workers to double check your work and the embarrassment of using the wrong spelling of too, to, or two.


Whether it’s remembering that you need to send an email in the middle of a meeting, or a great blog idea that comes to you in the middle of the night, taking notes on Evernote makes keeping track of your thoughts easy and succinct. The app connects your devices so no matter when or where you need to make a note, you can add to existing lists and declutter your mind.


This one is simple but oh so useful. Smallpdf turns your large files into small files, allowing you to upload, download and send anything you create on any platform. It also allows you to merge, split, and edit PDFs as well as transform JPGs to PDFs, PDFs to PPTs, PPTs to Excel documents and many more.

Utilizing these helpful sites can keep you focused, inspired, and you might just have your content to your boss before your deadline. Thank you, Internet!

Jordan Lockhart

Posted By Jordan Lockhart

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