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5 PR Myths You Can Toss in 2019

Clean out those PR misconceptions this spring.  

We’re all guilty of holding on to keepsakes and knick-knacks that we swear we will use one day. For most of us, however, these items typically end up in a dusty box in the attic or shoved into a drawer where they’re just taking up space. With spring on the horizon, what better time is there to clean out those dusty drawers and lose the junk?

As Marie Kondo said in her best-selling book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, “tidying can transform your life.” For marketing managers, the same holds true as you begin to process and organize things in advance of your next campaign. Some items you may want to consider for the purging bag this year include any misconceptions you have about PR.

Below, we compare five common PR myths with their realities and how this information can be used to improve your marketing efforts.

1. Myth: All news is good news.

Crisis averted

Reality: Companies of all sizes face problems, and sometimes those issues are big enough to impact brand reputation and bottom-line results if those details are made public. Not all news is good news, so crisis communications and brand management are important cogs to have in the PR wheel. By implementing an issues management system with your PR team, you’ll be able to face the challenges that arise and mitigate potential damage to your brand.

2. Myth: PR is all about who you know.

Terrific story

Reality: While it is beneficial to have great contacts and connections, success comes when you have a compelling story and the right message to tell. PR is all about finding what’s newsworthy in your business – and if you’re not sure what’s newsworthy, a PR pro can certainly help you discover it and get the right message out!

3. Myth: All you need is a press release to get good PR. 

That's it

Reality: The media landscape is constantly evolving, which changes the way people get their news. There can still be value in a traditional press release, but there are other strategies and tactics that PR teams can use to take a campaign that extra mile. Consider a social media contest, or a creative digital campaign to go along with press release and media relations activities. Collaboration between partners within the marketing ecosystem can ensure you get the most out of your campaign.

4. Myth: Anyone can do PR for my company. 


Reality: PR isn’t a simple task and chances are you won’t be on CNN tomorrow, no matter who you hire. It takes time, subject matter expertise and knowledge surrounding broader business objectives. It takes a deep understanding of the ever-changing media landscape and what reporters are covering – and when. Strategic, creative thinkers are also needed to deliver PR results that will help drive brand awareness and affinity. Your company’s reputation is important, so make sure you’re choosing the right people to partner with.  

5. Myth: PR is too expensive.

I have no money

Reality: Pricing can vary depending on who you hire but overall, agencies are flexible based on your needs and desired outcomes. If you hire the right agency, the dollars you do spend will support your goals, reach key audiences and help you tell the right story – all bringing value to your business. 

So, while you’re clearing away the cobwebs and cleaning out those cluttered closets this spring, consider ridding yourself of those pesky PR misconceptions too. Interested in learning how you can create some meaningful PR realities? Contact us today

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