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Both the social event of the season and your brand on social media.

Believe it or not, the holiday season is approaching quickly upon us. While many of us experience the joys of reuniting with family, indulging in copious amounts of food and bundling up by the fire, others tend to experience increased levels of stress. We might not be able to help you dodge your family’s prying questions, but we can offer these three tips to help you survive your Thanksgiving dinner AND help your brand stand out among the crowd.


Don’t forget to pass the sweet potatoes! Sharing food during Thanksgiving dinner is just as important as keeping your brand’s presence alive during the holidays. You may be thinking more about your OOO message and your impending vacation than your last-minute to-dos at work, but don’t neglect your social media platforms. It’s important during the busy holiday season to keep pushing out your brand’s messaging in a consistent manner, across various platforms. Take advantage of social scheduling tools and monitoring alert tools such as Sprout and Hootsuite and enjoy your vacation worry free!

Sharing is Caring


Is a third piece of pie going to kill you? Probably not. But sharing TOO much on your brand’s social media platforms could be the kiss of death. While social media provides a unique behind-the-scenes look at the method behind a brand or company, it’s important to still maintain a professional image. Seize the opportunity to have fun and push your brand’s boundaries by participating in socially relevant holidays like #WorldKindnessDay or #NationalDogDay, while still sticking to brand standards.

Dog Instagram


In our family, cooking Thanksgiving dinner is an “all hands-on deck” type of activity. This mentality should also ring true within your social strategy. It’s always beneficial to collaborate with your team to help bring new, fresh perspectives when running a creative campaign or promoting a new product. Though a brand’s overall tone and voice should remain consistent, it’s important to not fall into a monotonous content rut. Even if you run a one-man show behind the scenes, holding a brainstorm with other colleagues, friends or family goes a long way. Consider bringing in an outside resource to conduct a social media audit, identifying what your brand is doing well and opportunities for the new year.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork

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Lauren Pershke

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