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3 Tips for Working with Social Influencers

Tap into the online world of social media influencers.

As you’ve likely learned, social media platforms are an extremely beneficial tool for most brands. Social media influencers, however, are relatively new to the scene.

Influencers are specialists who have established credibility in particular niches. For example, when Estee Lauder wanted to create a more youthful presence, the long-time company turned to model Kendall Jenner to promote their makeup to her 75 million-and-counting Instagram followers. Others, those not born into the Kardashian clan, have also risen into the ranks as social media influencers from platforms like YouTube and Vine. Ultimately, the credibility of being an influencer comes in the form of a large community of engaged followers.

Here are three ways to tap into the world of social influencers:

1. REsearch

Before putting all your eggs in one basket, it's important to make sure the influencer is a good fit for your brand. While the idea of latching onto the first opportunity that comes your way sounds enticing, it's important to do your research. Ensure that the influencer is credible and meshes well with your brand. For instance, a former contestant on The Bachelor may find success promoting hair vitamins and home delivery cooking boxes, but their loyal band of followers probably wouldn’t be the best target for power tools or any product that clashes with their reality TV persona.

2. start small

Be careful not to jump blindly into a partnership just because of a big name. It's important to spend your time and resources on an influencer who shares the same ideas as your brand, and whose followers will do the same. Kendall Jenner might be difficult to reach anyways.

3. mix personalities

When looking to increase followership from your influencers' followers, it's important to connect with them by incorporating your influencers' personality into your own content. DJ Khaled and Venus Williams, newfound almond milk lovers, have established a successful partnership with Silk. Maintaining authenticity is important when creating these partnerships and showcasing your brand's connection to the influencer is a great way to do just that!

Developing social media strategies and implementing best practices for engaging with followers is our specialty. For more information about leveraging social media influencers for your brand, contact us today!

Lauren Pershke

Posted By Lauren Pershke

Lauren is an avid Pinterest user, a Netflix binge-watcher and an Instagram food fanatic. When she's not cheering the Heels on in a sea of Wolfpack red, you can find her exploring the Raleigh area.