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3 PR Lessons from Kindergarten

Take it back to the basics and apply Kindergarten 101 to your career.

 For many of us, kindergarten is a blur. While there's only so much you can grasp at age 5, the fundamentals still ring true today. In the spirit of back-to-school season, take a moment to revisit a few important lessons that can help you navigate the PR industry:

1. Sharing is caring

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Open communication is advantageous in any type of workplace; and in PR, it's crucial. Much like kindergarten, many PR agencies are collaborative environments where peers benefit from sharing information with one another. The sharing is caring mindset is even applicable in the online sphere via blogs and social media platforms where users share industry insights, tips and experiences.

2. play nice


Fostering strong relationships with journalists is a great way to succeed in this industry. There's more to it than just blasting your contact list with a generic pitch. Just as kindergarteners get punished by the turn of the doomful “red card,” journalists will blacklist you if you spam them with non-specific and irrelevant pitches. Instead, PR pros should take the opportunity to build a longstanding relationship with targeted journalists. Go beyond just "playing nice" with reporters and carefully research their specific focus and their publication's relevance to avoid spamming his/her inbox.

3. be patient


While PR is a fast-paced industry, it's important to remember that patience is a virtue. The result of a project is only successfully achieved after the collective group collaborates. For example, within an agency, there are different roles, teams and accounts all working together to reach a specific goal. Patience is a valuable skill to carry through your career despite what may be going on around you.

Going into work with these fundamentals top of mind will surely have you acing any task you face.


Lauren Pershke

Posted By Lauren Pershke

Lauren is an avid Pinterest user, a Netflix binge-watcher and an Instagram food fanatic. When she's not cheering the Heels on in a sea of Wolfpack red, you can find her exploring the Raleigh area.